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Outer Limits

Science and Science Fiction awaits you in the Outer Limits.  Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Divergent, or Dr. Who - We've got the sci-fi titles for you.  If you are a budding scientist, we invite you to come and explore the experiment and space titles.  There is something for every sci-fi enthusiast.

‚ÄčIn addition to the sci-fi and science sections in the Outer Limits, we also have a selection of graphic novels, including the Mine Craft series.

Come immerse yourself in the other worlds that are waiting for you!

Enchanted Passage, LLC

Browse some of our favorite sci-fi picks chosen by both staff and customers. 
Also featured are peer book reviews by young readers for young readers!
If you have a favorite mystery or suspense title, or would like to review one you loved (or didn't like)

let us post it here!